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Dore Pines - Mount Dora, Florida


The Association is an adult community designated to provide housing for persons 55 years of age

and older in accordance with Federal and State of Florida Laws. In order to remain exempt from the Fair

Housing Act, 80% of the occupied homes must have at least one resident who is over the age of 55. This

will be re-certified by the secretary of the Association every 2 years as required to maintain this

qualification. All prospective residents are required to meet with the Board of Directors, or its designee,

prior to closing on the property to provide proof of age for each proposed occupant of the home, and sign

a statement that they have received a copy of the governing documents of the Association and will abide

by them. The Board of Directors shall have the sole and absolute authority to deny occupancy of a home

by any person(s) who would not comply with this 55 and Over Declaration. In the event of the death of

an owner, the property can be passed on to a family member who is less than 55 years of age and that

person can become a resident in the subdivision as long as the percent of occupied homes with a resident

55 years of older remains at least 80%. No persons under the age of forty (40) shall be allowed to

permanently reside or live in any dwelling or residence or on any of the lots in the Association, except

that members of a Lot Owner’s family under the age of forty (40) years may visit and stay with a Lot

Owner for a period of time not to exceed sixty (60) days total in a calendar year. The Board of Directors

shall establish policies and procedures for the purpose of ensuring that the foregoing percentages of

occupancy by older persons are maintained at all times, recognizing that the remaining twenty percent

(20%) is intended to cover the unforeseen exigencies of life, which may result in a home that was

formerly in compliance withthis restriction being involuntarily not in compliance with this restriction.


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